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  • Floor Mat Rental

    Enhance your facility with Montreal’s premier mat service. From helping you present a professional image to ensuring the safety of customers and employees, we handle every part of your mat service for you, including:

    • No upfront investment
    • Professional cleaning and maintenance
    • Pick-up and delivery tailored to your needs (weekly, every other week, etc.)
    • Wide selection of colors and styles
    • Logo mats to promote your brand

    Why Rent Mats?

    Stop dirt at the door! The vast majority of dust and dirt within your facility comes from the outdoors. This dust can lead to increased maintenance and equipment costs. Stop the dust and dirt at the door and reduce the amount brought into your facility.

    Slip and fall accidents by customers or employees can lead to headaches. Our mats will help mitigate the chance for slip and fall accidents, as well as the amount of water and mud tracked in your door.

    Brand Awareness
    Bring attention to your company with a customized logo mat. From consistent colors, to coordinating mats with your company’s logo, we can design a program to create awareness to your customers and bring more attention to your company’s brand.

    Ideally placed in high traffic areas such as:

    • Entrances
    • Hallways
    • Reception areas
    • Expedition areas
    • Near sinks, fountains and other liquid sources
    • Service counters
    • Etc.

    Mats are a great way to protect your facility, promote your brand and enhance the safety of your business, so rent a mat. It’s simple and easy!

    Our product line includes:

    • Dust control mats (can cover up to 60 square feet BY mat… a Jolicoeur exclusivity!!!)
    • Scraper mats
    • Custom designed logo mats
    • Anti-fatigue mats (with or without maintenance)
    • Mats perforated for wet and slippery areas

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